Endual Web Development Sydney

Making custom Web Sites and Apps for Small Businesses and Associations

Who we are

We are a small team, in Sydney's Inner West, who work with other specialist Australian illustrators, designers, and developers. We specialise in mobile friendly web sites, web apps, and web games.

Skilled team

Adrian has been making things for the web since 1995. From sites for small community groups to sites with millions of users.

Mitra has a degree in visual communication, and another degree in psychology. She designs with empathy and understands users.

Agile approach

We work with clients the whole way through the process. Frequent client input is integral to our processes. We supply frequent small updates to ensure clients are happy all the way through builds.

High quality code

We hand code all of our sites with a thorough understanding of site speed, SEO best practices, and modern web standards. We give your users the best experience possible.

Low overheads

We don't have big sales teams, and consultants charging for multiple meetings. You pay for what we deliver, not for an inhouse barista for meetings – though we do like to do meetings at coffee shops!

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